Sunday, August 29, 2010

Coming soon!!!

I have here so wonderful diapers that I will be reviewing. Please send me a message if there is one you want to see first.

Grovia AIO (side snapping, not the AI2 hybrid)
Bumgenius elemental
FLIP system
Econobum system
Fuzzibunz One-Size
Tiny Tush
Babyland (ebay)
Motherease One-size (fitted diaper)
Little Lions and Osocozy Flat diapers

and more coming...

Friday, August 27, 2010


In this blog, I plan to review as many one-size diapers as I possibly can, giving unbiased opinions of fit, function and construction as well as pictures of them on as many little ones as I can get to cooperate!

I am hoping that eventually this site will be a great resource for those looking for a one-size diaper who can't decide between all of the options out there.

If you would like your diaper reviewed, please post a comment and an email where I can contact you. Thanks!