Friday, September 10, 2010

First up! Katydid

Katydid diapers are beautifully made and come in several colors. The pocket for stuffing is in the FRONT (not my favorite place since that's usually the wettest part, ew!) The fit is trim on my chunky almost 14 pound 4 1/2 month old. As you can see, her legs are of the fluffy variety and finding a diaper that doesn't leave red marks is a challenge. Unfortunately for us, this one doesn't pass the deep red mark test. The elastic is sewn in very tight (both the back and the leg elastic). These would work really well on a thinner baby.

Also, there is a hip couple of hip snaps on each side which is awesome and eliminates wing droop and keep the front looking neat and tidy. I wish the leg elastic wasn't so tight. It's a great fit otherwise.

For more info the website is and they retail for $17.95
As of this posting, there are 4 available colors. This is the twilight blue.

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